AIESP - Australian Electoral Commission

About AEC Indonesia

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) as part of the Australian Federal Government is the institution that is responsible for organizing and implementing federal elections and referendums in Australia.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has a specific function for international assistance in the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 to provide in cases approved by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, assistance in matters relating to elections and referendums (including secondment of personnel and the supply or loan of material) to authorities of foreign countries or foreign organisations.

The Australian Electoral Commission program in Indonesia has at least three main objectives for the period 2011-2015 , namely:

  • Increased capacity of KPU officials at the sub-national and nationals levels through training and exposure to international best practices;
  • Improved capacity of the KPU to apply consistent policies and procedures for electoral events, particularly in preparation for the 2014 elections; and
  • Improved democracy and governance throughout Indonesia by supporting the KPU in implementing targeted initiatives.